Houston Metropolitan 1991

“Simplicity is key at this restful little place just off Holocombe!” Prima Pasta, the best Italian Homestyle Restaurant was featured in the 2nd Annual Cheap Eats section of the Houston Metropolitan! “Offerings are inexpensive and straight forward!” About Houston Metropolitan: Houston Life was an independently-published magazine that had features about Houston. Mark Inabnit began the…


Houston Chronicle Business 2009

Mr. Akbari not only knows how to make the best Italian food, he also knows how to make his authentic Italian restaurant affordable. In 2009, after almost going out of business due to construction on Kirby Drive, right in front of Prima Pasta, he came up with a sign, advertising the Best Lasagna in Town…


Basketball Coach Willis T. Wilson

“I think I can speak for all of the attendees when I say: IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!” Head Coach of Men’s Basketball, Willis T. Wilson wrote in 1999 in a letter addressed to Mr. Akbari, thanking Prima Pasta for being a Roundtable Sponsor and offering the best authentic Italian food catering in town! “RICE OWLS AND…


Houston Chronicle 1998

Even people that love Italian food and are always on-the-go get tired of settling for any Italian restaurant, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy a great homestyle authentic Italian food. Ken Hoffman named his favorite Italian restaurant in Houston for the Houston Chronicle: Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant Houston at 6811 Kirby! He loves our…


Tablehopping 1999

If Mohamad Akbari (Cameron Basil) invited you over for an Italian dinner at his home, the menu would very likely be similar to the one you will find at Prima Pasta homestyle Italian Restaurant in Houston. Mr. Akbari puts his personal stamp on the restaurant’s authentic Italian dishes, and his family’s Italian favorites frequently find…