Houston Marathon 2014 – Carbohydrate loading at Prima Pasta

Consider The Benefits of Pasta for Marathon Planning

Get ready for an exciting time when the Chevron Houston Marathon 2014 rolls into town on Jan. 19th. Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant will be joining in on the fun by helping athletes prepare for this true test of endurance. By consuming large amounts of healthy carbohydrates, athletes can greatly increase their glycogen storage levels as a way to have increased energy stores during highly demanding physical activity. A marathon is the perfect example of where carb loading can be highly beneficial to runners. In most instances, athletes will typically choose to begin carbohydrate loading during the week leading up to a marathon.

Houston Marathon 2014 - Carbohydrate loading

Performance Levels

The Houston “Marathon 2014” is a perfect example of where carb loading can be taken advantage of to gain the most in terms of performance levels. Most athletes will choose to step up their carbohydrate loading in the last few days just prior to race day. Because the body is capable of storing generous amounts of glycogen that can then be converted and ultimately consumed as carbohydrates, carb loading has proven to be a quite useful strategy. The finer details of carbohydrate loading include consuming more food while exercising less. This is known as “the taper phase.” This simply allows your body to store large amounts of glycogen.

Make The Finish Line in The Fastest Way Possible

In the case of the Houston Marathon 2014, when runners participate in this high-energy event their bodies will typically burn more glycogen. As glycogen levels begin to run out, the body will start burning fat as its main source of energy. The real key to completing a grueling running event such as the Houston Marathon 2014 is to simply store additional glycogen in an effort to make the finish line in the fastest way possible. Keeping glycogen levels at high levels will ensure that adequate calories exist to participate in an event as demanding as a marathon. Complex carbohydrates offer the most benefit in the way of energy for the human body.

A Unique Dining Experience

Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant understands the importance of carbohydrates when participating in a strenuous event such as a marathon. From beans to cereal to carrots and apples as well as rice and corn, there are many types of carbohydrates that can all be used to create a carbohydrate type loading effect. However, what better food staple than pasta when considering carb loading for an upcoming marathon. Visit Prima Pasta Italian Restaurant for a unique dining experience offering some of the finest quality Italian dishes found anywhere in the area. Prepare for the Houston “Marathon 2014” in style by dining with Prima Pasta Restaurant. Unique Italian cuisine with rich imported appeal is what dining guests can expect from this premier Italian restaurant in Houston. Signature pasta dishes in an inviting and relaxing atmosphere let you know that you are dining in style.

If carb loading is part of your marathon planning strategy then consider visiting Prima Pasta Restaurant in the days leading up to January 19, 2014.