Our History

Prima Pasta is an excellent Italian Restaurant in Houston, TX. It was founded in 1989 by Mohamad Akbari, who served many years as waiter in other restaurants and always had dream of opening his own place in the city. His passion for Italian cuisine and acquired knowledge of the business allowed him to turn his vision into a reality, complete with great food, professional staff, relaxing atmosphere and live music in Houston.

With the help of his friends and top chefs, Mohamad faithfully recreated the meals he had tasted on his trips to Italy and made the authentic Italian food that Prima Pasta is known for today. For many people, it remains one of their favorite restaurants in Midtown Houston where they gather their friends and family to spend an hour enjoying the unique smells, flavors and atmosphere that remind them of Italy.

Prima Pasta Best Italian Restaurant in Houston TX

To allow an even greater number of people to enjoy the same experience, Prima Pasta also offers Italian food delivery and catering services in Houston. If you would like to visit us and try one of our authentic dishes, or bring their taste right to your home or office, feel free to call us using the contact information available on our website.

Our Philosophy

Prima Pasta would not be as successful as it is today without its unique philosophy. Since the day we opened our doors, our main goal has been to serve visitors with authentic Italian food that would impress them with its quality and flavor. While we pay a lot of attention to upholding tradition, a lot of work goes into coming up with new dishes and recipes to keep new and long-time visitors interested in this great Italian Restaurant in Houston.

All of that has been made possible thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our staff. Everyone, from waiters to chefs, comes together to create the unique dining experience that Prima Pasta is known for. To make the atmosphere even more memorable, we invite musicians to fill our Italian restaurant with live music during the weekend.

The look and feel of Prima Pasta is just as rich with Italian tradition, making every occasion special. Whether you’re celebrating or simply having a meal with your family, you will not be disappointed in the large selection of food, daily specials and music.

To try it yourself, feel free to visit us in Midtown Houston or next to the Medical Center at 6811 Kirby Drive. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our Italian food delivery in Houston or even hire us for catering at your upcoming event.