Prima Pasta; Live Music Restaurant Houston

Every weekend at Prima Pasta is filled with a unique atmosphere as talented musicians fill our Italian restaurant with live music. Our dining guests can enjoy traditional repertoire that will make any Italian feel at home, as well as a variety of other songs that they will find fitting with the high quality of food served at the restaurant. Just like our every dish is carefully chosen for its unique flavor, every song played within our walls will reflect the mood and style of this wonderful place.

The room itself allows for excellent acoustics and all of the seats at your table will have a nice view of the stage. In case you just want to listen to the music and enjoy your meal without any visual distractions, our staff will direct you to a comfortable spot in the corner of the restaurant. Whether you want to go have fun or relax in a good company, Prima Pasta will let you do that easily. Simply visit our restaurant, sit at one of the tables and be taken on a trip through delicious Italian cuisine and melodies.

Weekends at Prima Pasta are never boring! Enjoy the wonderful musical performances with your friends at the table or make a short trip to the bar for a fine glass of wine, beer or other drinks. Whatever mood you’re in, you will always have tons of reasons to stay a bit longer and listen to one more song. Make sure that you don’t have any other plans or you might have to reschedule!

During different parts of the day, our guests can also have a say in what they want to hear. Feel free to choose from a variety of music, such as blues, jazz or even country. You will be able to enjoy the sound of a classic guitar, piano melodies, beautiful singing voices and authentic Italian music. Whether you’ve come to enjoy a meal with your family, romantic dinner or night out with friends, there will always be songs that fit your mood and make your time at Prima Pasta enjoyable.

If you have ever lived in Italy or visited the country on one of your international trips, the atmosphere at our Italian restaurant in Houston might remind you of the different places that you visited there. The combination of delicious food and good music is what makes the time spent at Prima Pasta so memorable. It’s the reason why so many of our customers consider it to be their favorite restaurant and always go there with their friends and recommend us to visitors from out of town, especially on the weekends.

If anything you’ve read here makes you curious, then don’t hesitate and free up your next weekend to see, hear and taste everything for yourself. There’s nothing like experiencing the unique dining experience at Prima Pasta for the first time. Have a great time with your family or friends at one of the best Italian restaurants with live music in Houston.